Make Nova
A bridge between great companies and great professionals
Make Nova is a full service recruiting agency aspired to
create a culture of mutual prosperity and passion.
We listen, feel, understand, and connect.

Recruitment is an art in which only one thing matters - people.
It requires dialogue, skills, passion, individuality and a critical eye. That's why we focus on the result and quality, not on check marks. Human values and dreams, not quantity.

Since 2018, we have been helping our partners to effectively create and scale their teams, and professionals to find their dream jobs. We are proud of how we share our knowledge, taking care of each candidate, and building strong relationships.

Make Nova
A place where everyone will find something valuable for themselves.
Our company aims to become a reliable partner and help everyone find the perfect synergy. To find people, discover their talents and be a bridge between them and companies. This is what Make Nova was created for.
Creating win-win relationships
Are you looking for an employee? Or are you looking for a job? We can help everyone.
We work as one
We work in one team for results, providing support and care.
Everyone matters
Individual solutions
for each case and
Alina Makenova
Founder & Director
The name of the company comes from the surname of the founder and head of the company, Alina Makenova. The main idea is to search for talents, unleash their potential and create a connection between those who need such talents.
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